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Thanks to our technology we make video advertising effective, reaching the right users at the right moment, improving your ROI


Brand Safety

Our ads are placed on premium sites that your audience like.


Reach the right users at the right moment and on the right sites.


Our massive scale makes it easy to reach your audience. Access to billions of auctions daily.


Increase your revenue with our non-intrusive video ads.

100% New Revenue

Our Video Ads are compatible with your current ads. This means a brand new source of revenue

High CPM

We offer the highest CPMs in the industry with competitive fillrates.


With out Real Time Panel you will see all your stats in real time.

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In-stream ads are placed online in streaming video content and they can be pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll

  • The Preroll, is the video ad that run before video content.
  • MidRoll and Postroll: Place your ad at the middle or at the end of the video content.
  • The ads are integrated with the content, since the user is already looking for a video


Out-Stream ads, also known as native video or in-read, don't have to stream into another video player

  • Viewability: The video only plays when it's viewable for the user and stops when the user moves away.
  • Less intrusive: The video never prevents the viewer from accessing other content and it's seamlessly integrate into the sites.
  • The pubisher can place ads on his site without needing video content.

About Us

Vidoomy is an advertising company specialized in online video advertising.

We are a company based on Madrid formed by a young but experienced team with years of experience in the online advertising industry.

Working with us is not only positive in the comercial area, but also in the personal area thanks to the close relationship we create and maintain with our clients and partners, providing them a wide range of solutions with a personal and passionated support.

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